Why QSD electric cycle rickshaws are suitable for India

Why QSD electric cycle rickshaws are suitable for India


In twentieth Century ,With indian city and population developing, a notable rise in demand for electric vehicles was also observed for inter-city or intra-city mobility of goods and passengers.A considerable rise in number of registered vehicles (25.3 times against the population growth of 1.77 times between 1981 and 2011) was also observed, further indicating need for viable passenger mobility solutions.



Electric drift tricycles are increasingly being considered as the most logical option towards achieving this aim of combating local air pollution through alternative powered vehicles. In recent times e- rickshaws technology has matured and is being promoted in line with zero tailpipe emissions. These are soon becoming a smart alternative for conventional fuel vehicles in from the national government, through promotion of various programs, schemes and policy support.


With the rapid development of India’s population and cities, circulation and transformation between people and things,and Protection of the Environment, we need more convenient,fast and pollution-free transportation Vehicles. The Indian government also supports the use of electric tricycles in India. India legalised e-rickshaws in 2015, but the embrace towards electric mobility has been haphazard. QSD( Registered in India) brand electric tricycle exported to India meet the Indian Standards with low price and good quality. Our electric tricycles use rechargeable lead-acid and lithium batteries, equipped with accelerators, headlights, taillights, indicators, and even windshields (in some cases).It’s convenient to travel by day or night.

e rickshaw in india

The function of QSD electric rickshaw

QSD electric rickshaws could dot the narrow suburban roads of the second and third tier towns in Bengal; in Calcutta city and its surrounding areas (especially salt lakes and southern areas, such as Kabbah, dakurian, Kaliya, etc.), that make India to be  even more beautiful.

I CAT approved electric tricycle with low price ke ke china supplier quotation for sale
Electric tricycles

This involved travelling around a 2-3 kilometre stretch of the Grand Trunk Road (that connects Kolkata and its suburbs) to the local railway station or nearby localities. Narrow roads meant small vehicles like the QSD electric vehicles were the only ones offering last-mile connectivity.

QSD electric rickshaw advantage:

QSD elctric rickshaw is environmentally friendly, pollution-free, noise-free and low-cost. It is supplied by the factory, and its price is cheaper than automobile and electric tricycle of other businesses in the same industry. With the pedal rickshaw of the same fare, the driver is labor-saving, the passenger is comfortable and the driving distance is far, which is a happy journey for everyone.

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How to install the electric tricycle for passenger and cargo?

That’s a trivial matter. We will send a CD to our customers to show how to install the electric vehicle. We also attend the annual India Exhibition where we can also show how to install the 3 wheele tuk tuk  ,If you have any unclear, you will can contact us at any time. Our after-sales service is online 24 hours a day.

Qiangsheng electric tricycle factory
Qiangsheng electric tricycle factory

Has Imported battery short life?

NoNoNO……, Qiangsheng electric tricycle export batteries  have a warranty period, If there is any problem during the warranty period, we will can return and exchange them.

If you want to know more about electric vehicle information, please contact us(Qiangsheng electric tricycle factory ).


Factory information:

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There are several ways to distinguish the motor in detail:

e rickshaw spare parts motor kit
e rickshaw spare parts motor kit
  1. Low noise.

During the transformation, listen carefully to the sound of the motor, if there is any abnormal sound, if there is any sensitivity, if there is a big noise.

  1. Low temperature.

The way to investigate the motor by touching is to feel the temperature of the motor by hand after a transformation. The lower the temperature, the better.

  1. High speed.

If there is a problem with the electric tricycle motor, the speed must be slow.

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