VRDE Approved Electric Battery Rickshaw Manufacturer

Electric Battery Rickshaw Manufacturer

Qiangsheng Manufacturer Electric Battery Rickshaw Specification

Model Electric Battery Rickshaw QS-D New
Overal Size 2800*1000*1800mm
Top Speed 25km/h
Once Charging Mileage 100km
Grade Ability 20 degree
No. Of Passengers 6 persons
Charging Voltage 220v,50hz
Charging Times 6-8 hours
Motor 48v/800w DC brushless motor
Transmission Mode Differential
Battery 12v 100ah lead acid battery (4 pcs)
Wheel Size Front 3.00-12,back 3.50-12
Brake Type Double rear drum brake
Loading Quantity 22pcs/20” GP, 52pcx/40” HQ

particularity of QS Electric tricycles

  • lead-acid battery铅酸水电池
  • Brushless motor, mini volume, low weight, high efficiency, low consumption无刷电机,小容量,轻便,高效率,低消耗
  • Environmental, energy, beautiful, practical.环保的,节能的,美观的,实用的

The notes in using the electric tricycle

 1.Make it good habit to charge the batteries everyday. Charge enough before the minimum allowed voltage, so as to make the batteries live longer.养成每天给电池充电的好习惯,在最小电压允许的情况下充足够的电,以便提高电池的寿命。
2.High temperature is good for the discharge of the batteries. when it is cold below 0℃,the power will decrease about 15%..in cold weather the mileage will decrease normally, and recover when it turns warm.高温情况下有助于电池放电。当温度低于零度时,能量将会减少15%,在寒冷的天气里,续航里程也会相应的减少,当天气转暖时,就会相应的恢复。
3.The vehicle is waterproof, but avoid wading across the water in case of the water splash to the controller, the electric circuit and the motor. or it may lead to damage the equipments.车子已经通过了闭水试验,但是避免将车浸在水中,以免水浸湿控制器,电路和电机。或者是损害设备。
4.Minor, Pregnant woman, Elderly, Mental patients, Alcoholics and other handicapped person are avoid driving the vehicle. Heart disease, Epilepsy and Color-blindness and some people like that should be careful when driving.未成年人,妊娠妇女,老人,精神病人,酗酒者和其他残疾人避免骑行。心脏病患者,癫痫,色盲和其他的类似的人在骑行时应尽量注意安全
5.Don’t try to knock it down by yourselves.请您不要自行拆装
6.If you need the replacement, please buy the parts from the specialized maintenance station or dealer in local.如果您需要替代部件,请到专业维修站或当地的经销商购买。
7.Avoid being exposed to the sun for long, which will accelerate the old of the painting ,the plastic parts, rubber parts and the electronic components, decrease the life and reliability. 长期暴露在阳光的照射之下,将会加速油漆,塑料部件,橡胶部件 以及电子部件的老化,减少其牢固性以及寿命。

Factory picture

e rickshaw factory details

e rickshaw factory details

ICAT certified e-rickshaw factory

We are a famous electric battery rickshaw manufacturer in China for 10 years with good experience in global market of India, Nepal,Philippine,Pakistan,Egypt,Sudan,South Africa.

Our electric battery rickshaw has awarded numbers of patents:Double rear axle,Multifunctional shed,Gearbox,Electric insulation box,Movable seat,Folding seats,Etc.We are awarded Chinese famous Brand, Consumers Trust Products,CCTV brand as well.We have built stable supplying relationship in south Asia,southeast Asia,middle east Asia,Africa,south America.

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