Things That You Need to Know For Driving Electro Tricycle

Safety is always the most important thing. Although electro tricycle as a transportation equipment don’t have a very fast speed, in case any accident the driver still need to drive the tricycle under a correct operation. We Qiangsheng Group as a manufacturer of electro tricycle would like to give drivers some advices today.

1, Driving on Normal Road Condition
A normal road condition means flat road under good weather and environment. Under this situation, drivers can driver normally and only need to pay attention on turning and speed changing.

2, Driving on Special Road Condition
A Special road condition means rugged roads, soft roads between fields, mountain plates, ice or snow roads. Driving on these kind of roads are real testing for driving level.

A, on the rugged roads, the driver should drive with low speed mode and take a circular route to avoid the hollows. To control the handle bar the driver can squat to drive too.
B, The roads between fields are soft, It is better that the passenger sit on the rear body of the tricycle to reduce the pressure of front single rim. A caving-in and wet & slushy of road should be paid attention by the driver after the rain.

C, The mountain plate is, to some degree, dangerous. Usually it is narrow and with one side slop. For this situation, the driver should driving on inside of the road and away from the slop. Keep the barycenter inward as well as with a low speed.

D, The driver should pay attention on anti-skip on the ice and snow road. Any urgent direction changing and braking is forbidden. If there are passengers please pay attention on the loading balance arrangement.

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