The Rising of Environmental Protection Cost Affects E Rickshaw Supplier Exporting and Prices.

Environmental problem especially air pollution problem force Chinese government to carry out more strictly environment protection policy. From Jan, 2018 China stopped foreign garbage importing. And to the electric tricycle industry many factory production are stopped because of lacking of environment protection equipment, which affect delivery time and customers as well.

As the biggest exporter in Kolkata, to meet the delivery time request of Indian customers Qiangsheng Group arrange environmental protection equipment for several plants including welding exhaust gas and dust purifier, electroplating and painting photocatalytic oxidation equipment, rust cleaning gas treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment. We’ve got approve of government about the environment protection.

Welding Plant Environmental Protection.
For each welding machine we provide an exhaust gas and dust purifier. This is good for both our worker and the environment.

e rickshaw 1

Electroplating and Paint Plant Air Protection.

For the whole plant we use a closed cover type protection together with photocatalytic oxidation equipment. It definitely reduce the air pollution to the environment.

e rickshaw 2

e rickshaw 3

e rickshaw 4

Rust Cleaning Gas Treatment Equipment and Sewage Treatment Equipment.

The exhaust gas of rust cleaning plant will be leaded in water by the environmental protection equipment. Sewage will be treated and changed to be environmental friendly water.

e rickshaw 5

Production of many heavy pollution and without environmental protection equipment factories has been stopped. Prices of raw material and spare parts keep raising as well.


Together with using of environmental protection equipment we have to increase our e rickshaw prices to keep going and provide production on time. Considering the US dollar index increasing hope foreign customers prepare for this or import more before US dollar index increasing crazy.

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