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In 2011, Qiangsheng invested over RMB2,000,000 on cathode electrophoresis paint assembly line, chich is widely used in automobile industry,all the paint used for the manufacturing are all top-classed paint with no pollution,no smell, and no peeling.

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Qiangsheng R&D center is to contribute to the production and dissemination of rigorous evidence and products that provide emphasis on development and speedy commercialisation of globally competitive products, processes and technologies.

The R&D Centre continues to provide significant support to  products and services.We have a team of engineers, enthusiasts and skilled technicians.

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The automobile factory inspection technology is used in detection of the tricycle’s wheel weight,speed, light, performance of the controller and the signal.
Destructive experiment is used for testing with the scale of 2% for the electric machinery,controller, bearing and tire.