Qiangsheng E Rickshaws‎ instruction


Qiangsheng E Rickshaws‎ instruction

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目录 Catalogue
一、强胜电动三轮车的特点————————————————— 2

Particularity of QS ElectricTricycle
二、技术参数——————————————————————— 2-3

Technical data

2.1 整车技术参数 whole vehicle data

2.2 电机技术参数 motor technical data 2.3 控制器技术参数 controller technical data 2.4 充电机技术参数 charger technical data

3-6 Using method 3.1 电池的使用方法 using method of the battery 3.2 骑车放电 discharge 3.3 电池的维护和使用要求 maintenance and using method of the battery. 3.4 电动三轮车的骑行 driving of electric tricycle 3.5 如何启动车 how to start the vehicle 3.6 骑行要求 therequest in driving 3.7 停车 thestop of thevehicle 3.8 倒车要求 reverse control using method 3.9 日常的检查和维护 theregular check and maintenance
四、使用电动三轮车的注意事项———————————————— 7

The notes of using the electric tricycle
五、常见故障与原因————————————————————— 8

Trouble andreason
六、服务内容———————————————————————— 9

Service Content

一、强胜电动三轮车的特点 particularityofQSElectrictricycles. 1.lead-acid battery 铅酸水电池 2. Brushless motor, mini volume, low weight, high efficiency, low consumption 无刷电机,小容量,轻便,高效率,低消耗 3.Environmental,energy,beautiful,practical.环保的,节能的,美观的,实用的
二、Technicaldata 技术参数 (一)、Wholevehicledata 整车数据 1.weight:400kg 整车重量: 400kg 2. load: 350kg 载重量: 350kg 3. speed:40km/h 最高时速: 40km/h 4. milage:120km 续航里程: 120km (Tested in common road conditions. The decrease of the mileage in improper operation or bad road condition or aging batteries is inevitable(该数据是在标 准路况下测得,操作不当,路况恶劣,以及电池老化均会导致续航里程减少) 5.climbing ability:20 degree 爬坡能力:20 度 6. Power: 800w-1200w 电机功率:800w-1200w (Note: for details ,please refer to the catalog of the vehicles) (具体数据取决于 电动三轮车的型号)
(二)、motor technicaldata 电机的技术参数
(The motors and the batteries are optional and the mileage can be increased according to the road conditions)
Model(型号) Item(目录)
48V motor 60V motor
Power 功率 500-1000W 1000W-1200W Voltage 电压 48V 60V Current 电流 10.4-20.8A 22-25A Efficiency 效率 ≥83% ≥83%

(三)、Controller TechnicalData 控制器技术参数
(四)、ChargerTechnicalData 充电机技术参数
三、Using method 使用方法 3.1 Using methods of the battery 电池的使用方法 Please charge it 24 hours the first time you get the tricycle, if the electrolyte is newly injected. You should charge the battery for 6-8 hours after each driving .Charging methods: insert the output interface of the charger into the charging interface of the battery, then contact with 220V electricity charge for 6-8 hours ,In other words, when the three lights of the charger turn on, charge one more hour is okay. Note: when you use the charger ,insert the battery interface first, then insert the power interface.
新车首次充电要加入电解液,充满24小时。每次骑车之后,都应充电6-8小 时。 充电的方法:首先将充电器的输出接口插入电池的充电接口,然后连接到 220v 的电源接口,充电 6-8 小时,或者是,当充电器的三个指示灯全部亮之后,在 充电一个小时就可以了。 注意:在使用充电器充电池,一定要先将充电器接上电池,再插上电源。
Over-current protection 过流保护值
Motor 电机 48V-60V Temperature 温度 <37 Celsius degree Input Voltage 输入电压 AC220V 50HZ RatedVoltage 额定电压 48V-60V Constant charging current 持续充电 电流 2.0-20A±5% Constantcharging voltage 持续充电 电压 >20%-30% battery voltage TerminationCurrent 终止电流 800MA No-load voltage 空载电压 43.2-86.4V

3.2 Discharge 骑车放电 The driving process is also a process of discharging . 骑行的过程也是放电的过程 1.The user must charge thebattery in time. don’t over drive the battery ,it will do harm to the life of thebattery very much. 使用者必须及时给电池充电。不能过度放电,否则将极大损害电池的寿命。
3.3 Maintenance and using method of the battery 电池的维护以及使用要求 1. Away from high-temperature heat source 远离高热源 2. Charging temperature below 37 Degree Celsius 充电时的温度应该低于 37 摄氏度. 3. avoid charging under thesunshine.避免在阳光下充电 4. Insist on charging with the charger of the original manufacturing of the company.坚持使用原厂家的电池充电 5. Don’tmakeshortcircuitintheinterfaceofthebattery在电池接口处不能 造成短路。 6. Don’t put the battery in wet places or dip into water.不能把电池放在潮 湿的环境中,更不能浸在水中。 7. when charging ,put the vehicle indoor, and make sure theplace is ventilated,easy for cooling and away from the touch of children.and avoid in charging in wet, hot, or places that has gas which are easy to burn or explode.充电时尽量在在通风,整洁,远离孩子的室内进行, 远离潮湿,高温,以及易爆的环境。 8. Tomaintain the batteries, pleasecharge thebatteries regularly,even if youdon’tdrive.为了维护电池的寿命,即使在不骑的情况下,也要经常充 电。 9. whentheelectrolytesurfaceislower thantheminimumline,youshould add the distilled water above the fixed surface.当电池电解液低于规定 最低液面时,应该加入蒸馏至于最低液面之上。 (Attention:Don’t add any electrolyte that contains sulfuric acid in 6 months.) 注意:在六个月之内不要在电池内加入浓硫酸等电解液

3.4The driving of the electric tricycle 电动三轮车的骑行 1.check before drive.骑前检查 Make sure ofthe safety of the brake, thecushion, the frame, thehandle and the wheels, avoid from accident.确保闸,坐垫,支架,把手 和轮子的 安全,以免发生意外。
3.5 How tostart the vehicle 如何启动车 1.Insert the key into the electric switch at the middle of the handle, then turn to on (open),when the battery indicator is bright, that means the electric is connected. 将钥匙插入把手中间的电门锁中,然后转到开(open),当电池指示灯亮了, 说明电连接上了。
2.turn the speed handle (the right one)inward(counterclockwise),to start the vehicle, and turn the rotation angle of the speed handle from small to large, so the speed will follow from slow to fast.顺时针转动右把手,启动电 动三轮车,随着角度由小到大,速度也随之由慢到快。
3.6The request in driving 骑行要求
1.Accelerate slowly when you just start the vehicle, in case of the waste of electric in the fast start.当刚刚启动车时,要慢慢加速,以避免耗电量过大。
2.In the context of safety, you should drive in economic speed, and avoid from frequently brakes and starts, in order to save electricity.为了安全起 见,您应该匀速骑行,避免频繁的刹闸和重新启动,同时也能节省电量。
3.Avoid from the phenomenon of turning inward the handle tightly still after the brake. In case of the overload of the motor and the damage of the otherparts.在刹车之后,尽量放松车把,避免电机负担过重以及其他部件受 到损坏。
4.maximum loading is 350kg (including the driver),please take care when overloading.最大的载重量是 350kg(包括司机),所以注意不要超载
3.7 The stopof the vehicle 停车

1.Release the handle so that you can stop the electric tricycle .and make sure to turn offthe electric, and remove the key.停车的时候要放松把手,同 时要确定关闭电源,拔出钥匙。
2.for your safety of the driving ,and to make sure of the best state of your vehicle, pleasedo themaintenance andcleaning regularly.为了您骑行的安 全,要确保车辆的最佳状态,希望您定时清理维护三轮车。
3.8 Reverse control using method.倒车方法
1. Therearetwo forwards, onereverse andablankstall. you canpushthe buttontoward thestall youwant,asdriving. Oneoftheforwards isforstart, the other is for help when climbing slope. the blank stall is to stop with the power on.有两个前进挡,一个倒档一个空档。你可以通过控制按钮在骑行 中熄火。其中一个前进挡是前进,另一个帮助你爬坡,空挡是在点火开关打 开的状态下车辆静止。
3.9 The regular check and maintenance.日常的检查和维护
1.lubricationis animportantmatter in theelectric tricycle maintenance. you should wipe andoil the axle ,the chains, every half a year or so. 润滑在电动三轮车的维修保养中起着至关重要的作用,您应该每半年清理润 滑轴承以及链条。
2.you should check the brake regularly, debugging the brake according to the standard in order to keep the best state of the brake. 您应该经常检查刹车,根据具体情况进行调整,以便使您的刹车状态良好。
3.Attention to enlarge the brake distance in rainy days and down slope. 注意在雨天和下坡时扩大制动距离。
4.check if there is any broken or split on tires. Also make sure of the normal pressure of the tires. 检查轮胎上是否有裂缝以及裂缝,并且要确定轮胎的正常压力

四、 The notesinusing theelectrictricycle.
使用电动三轮车的注意事项 1.Make it good habit to charge the batteries everyday. Charge enough before the minimum allowed voltage, so as to make the batteries live longer.养成每天给电池充电的好习惯,在最小电压允许的情况下充足够的 电,以便提高电池的寿命。
2.High temperature is good for the discharge of the batteries. when it is cold below 0℃,the power will decrease about 15%..in cold weather the mileage will decrease normally, and recover when it turns warm.高温情况 下有助于电池放电。当温度低于零度时,能量将会减少 15%,在寒冷的天 气里,续航里程也会相应的减少,当天气转暖时,就会相应的恢复。
3.The vehicle is waterproof, but avoid wading across the water in case of the water splash to the controller, the electric circuit and the motor. or it may lead to damage the equipments.车子已经通过了闭水试验,但是避免 将车浸在水中,以免水浸湿控制器,电路和电机。或者是损害设备。
4.Minor, Pregnant woman, Elderly, Mental patients, Alcoholics and other handicappedpersonare avoiddriving thevehicle. Heartdisease,Epilepsy and Color-blindness and some people like that should be careful when driving.未成年人,妊娠妇女,老人,精神病人,酗酒者和其他残疾人避免 骑行。心脏病患者,癫痫,色盲和其他的类似的人在骑行时应尽量注意安全
5.Don’t try to knock it down by yourselves.请您不要自行拆装
6.If you need the replacement, please buy the parts from the specialized maintenancestationordealerinlocal.如果您需要替代部件,请到专业维修 站或当地的经销商购买。
7.Avoid being exposed to the sun for long, which will accelerate the old of thepainting,theplasticparts, rubberparts andthe electroniccomponents, decrease the life and reliability. 长期暴露在阳光的照射之下,将会加速油 漆,塑料部件,橡胶部件 以及电子部件的老化,减少其牢固性以及寿命。

五、Troubleand reason 常见故障与原因
Phenomenon 故障 Reason Turn the button on ,and the electric lights are on, but can’t start when turning the handle of speed. 打开开关,灯亮,但旋转把手却不 能启动。 1.Check the battery is connected with thepowerline 检查电池是否与电源线连 接 2.Check if the fuse is broken .if so, replace new one with the same standards.检查保险丝是否损坏,如果损 坏,更换相同规格的的保险丝 3.Check if the transmission line is connected.检查传输线是否连接 After a short stop, the vehicle can’t start when turning the speed handle. 在短暂停车之后,当转动车把时, 车辆不能启动 1.Check if the brake is reset. 检查刹车断电是否复位
Constantly burning the fuse 连续烧毁保险丝
1.Controller short circuit 控制器短路 2.Lamp-base, meter, power line short circuit 灯座,仪表,电源线短路 3.Reverse the polarity of the battery 蓄电池正负极接反 4.Driving toofast 骑行过猛
The indicator lights are not light with the connection of the electricity when charging.充电时 电源线连接,但指示灯不亮
1.Check if the power is on 检查电源是 否有电 2.Battery aging 电池老化
Motor noisy 电机噪音大
1.The bearing broken or the gap big 电 机轴承损坏或间隙大 2.Motor sweep born 电机扫膛 3.Magnet loose 磁铁松动 4.Burn,greasy,uneven,segmentloose 烧灼,油污,凹凸不平,换向片松动 5.Brush holder loose.电刷架松动

六、ServiceContent 服务内容 We can give you the following accessories for free.我们免费为您提供 以下配件 (1)、5% of the screw accessory and the plastic accessory. 5%的螺丝 配件和塑料配件 (2)、2% of the motor ,Controller ,master line. 2%的电机,控制器, 大线 (Note: the hopper, tires, rear axle and the shed covering are not included.) (注:车斗,轮胎,后桥,车棚不含在内)

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