New model E-rickshaw six seater eletcric rickshaw loader

Environmental friendly passenger e rickshaw QS-D NEW
Environmental friendly passenger e rickshaw QS-D NEW

2015 energy saving e rickshaw QS-D NEW


QS-D new model ( six seater e-rickshaw)

Specifications:( colors e-rickshaw)

Motor type: DC series excitation brushless motor
Power(watt): 48V 800W 18tube controller
Transmission mode: Gear/Shaft
Charge voltage: 220V 50HZ
Charging time: 6-8 hours
Once charging mileage: 100km
Top speed: 25km/h
Climbing ability: 20degree
Front wheel size: 4.00-12
Rear wheel size: 4.00-12
Dimension: 2800*1000*1800mm
Brake type: Double rear drum brake
N.W.: 190kg
Max load capacity: 400kg
No. of passenger: 1+6 passengers
Battery quantity: 5pcs
Roof: ABS roof
Material: Brand steel
Color: Red/ green/ silver
Container quantity: 22pcs/20’GP, 53pcs/40’HQ


Details’ pictures of the new model e-rickshaw

The head light of the six seater E-rickshaw
The passenger back seater of the new model E-rickshaw



 E-Rickshaws and Rickshaws in India

Nowadays, there is a news that if the e-ricks replace rickshaws. The e-rickshaws will replace rickshaws , I think. Why?  How much knowledge you have about the e-rickshaw? Have you ever drove an e-rickshaw? If your answer is “no”, I advice you to try.

Rickshaws power is from the rider. A strong rider will be a good at riding the rickshaws on the gentle road. When he meet a slope, it will be hard to ride. As I know, the indian has the rickshaw to get money–rickshaws have been the taxi for them. In order to get more and more money, they need pedal all day but it is too hard, one rider said, he makes a pedalling motion with his legs,which – as he is standing up at the time–almost makes him fall over. They need a easy way to ride the rikshaws and cheaper cost than the oil one.

The e-rickshaws appeared in people’s field of vision. The e-rickshaws are made from steel and tough,parts is the molded plastic.And the power is provided by battery-powered electric motor. There are no pedals, it is easy on the tired legs. It has the ability to climb 20degree slope. The speed also faster than the normal rickshaws, so that , the driver can load more passengers and make more money for their life. The once charging mileage is enough to drive it all day. E-rickshaw is also the ECO friendly product. It is with non-pollution and any loud noise. This is also the reason for its popularity.

E-rickshaw will replace the rickshaws, I think, and it is not a far dream. Not only happened in India, also in other countries which is under same conditions.

–Written by Lisa


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