New Designed China Three Wheeler Auto Rickshaw For Pakistan Market

 China Three Wheeler

Three Wheeler Auto Rickshaw For Pakistan Market Spefication

Model Number QS-AO
Size 3000x1200x1950mm
Top Speed 35km/h
Full charge capacity 140km
Gradeability 20°
No. Of Passengers 6 persons
Charging Voltage 220v,50hz
Charging time 6-8 hours
Motor 60v/1200w DC Brushless motor
Transmission Mode Differential/shaft
Battery type Lead acid battery,12v,120ah,5pcs
Wheel Size Front 4.00-12,back 4.00-12
Brake Type Drum brake(hydraulic brake as preference)
Optional colour Silver,blue,water green,red,white,m green,yellow
Full container carrying capacity 17 units/20GP, 40 units/40HQ

Three Wheeler Auto Rickshaw For Pakistan Market

Three Wheeler Auto Rickshaw  is a popular mode of transport for Pakistan towns and are mainly used for travelling short distances within cities. One of the major brands of auto rickshaws is Vespa. Lahore is hub of CNG auto rickshaws manufacturers in Pakistan. The government is taking measures to convert all gasoline powered auto-rickshaws to cleaner CNG rickshaws by 2015 in all the major cities of Pakistan by issuing easy loans through commercial banks. Environment Canada is implementing pilot projects in Lahore,Karachi, and Quetta with engine technology developed in Mississauga,Ontario, Canada that uses CNG instead of gasoline in the two-stroke engines, in an effort to combat environmental pollution and noise levels.

In many cities in Pakistan, there are also motorcycle rickshaws, usually called “chand gari” (moon car) or “chingchi” (after the Chinese company  first introduced these to the market).

Rickshaws are forbidden in the capital,Islamabad.

Auto rickshaws have had a history of displaying political statements. In February 2013, that legacy was modified to promote peace. According to Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi, head of the Pakistan Youth Alliance, “We need to take back this romanticized art form and use it for peace sloganeering and conflict resolution.”

There are many companies involving in rickshaw manufacturing in Pakistan. Some of them are: AECO Export Company, STAHLCO Motors, Global Sources, Parhiyar Automobiles, Global Ledsys Technologies, Siwa Industries, Prime Punjab Automobiles, Murshid Farm Industries, Sazgar Automobiles, NTN Enterprises, and Imperial Engineering Company.

In 2014, We Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory has succeeded in stepping into the Pakistan market and has developed a several fixed long term partners as dealers.New Designed China Three Wheeler Auto Rickshaw For Pakistan Market now becomes a best seller in some cities.

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