Electric & battery Rickshaw Dealership


Indian economy is one of those economies which have innumerable small scale businesses. The best thing is that there is immense growth opportunity for these small scale businesses. But, most of these businesses are full of uncertainties and depend on the market condition. This creates a problem of survival for small and medium scale businessmen. Also, if there is not a problem of survival, still very few of these businesses can earn a good profit on regular basis.

Thus, for solving all these problems of small scale businessmen, Qiang sheng e rickshaw factory is offering a great business opportunity. Start your own business in automobile sector only with the investment of one lakh rupees. We are selling Electric and battery rickshaws which are on the verge of becoming a favorite mode of transport of Indian peoples. The investment of this business is just one lakh to start with and you earn at least 10000 to 15000 on selling one rickshaw.
Now, before we move further, we would like to give you some key points which will help you in selling Qiang sheng electric and Battery rickshaw:

  • « It is an eco-friendly product which does not create any kind of pollution.
  • « It has a better speed and enables a person to communicate more quickly.
  • « It is much more reliable than normal rickshaws as it has more solid structure.
  • « The passenger capacity of E-rickshaw is higher than ordinary rickshaws.
  • « The maintenance cost of E-rickshaw is very less compare to auto-rickshaw.
  • « Anyone can drive these e-Rickshaws easily.

These are some of the features of E-bikes/rickshaw. But, the question is that how come we can say that this business will definitely work? Well, it will work because it is the need of today’s time. At present time, we all need better transportation services. Whether you talk about metro cities or rural areas, we need faster and cheap transportation services for our daily up and down. Thus, this business of Electric/battery rickshaw in Indiawill work at every place because it is cheap, fast and can cover wide range of area. Moreover, these e-rickshaws are also helpful in preserving the environment. Thus, educated people will definitely like to use it.

The best thing about this business is that there is no any big requirement for opening this business. All you need a 150 sq. ft. of place at location and small investment for opening this business. Now, you may be thinking that who will be your target customer? Well, actually it can be anyone who wants to earn 20 to 25 thousand on monthly basis. Especially, rickshaw pullers and auto rickshaw drivers will definitely like to buy this E-rickshaw. In fact, a lot of businessmen are investing this business as this business of Electric/battery rickshaw in Delhi is going great guns. So, buy these E-rickshaws and start your business today. We wish you lots of luck and success.


  1. Dear

    I am kiran kumar based at Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India. Activley looking for the dealer ship of e- rikshaws, please send the complete product range and details.


  2. Pls send me the complete dealership details required dealership license and start up business so pls send complete details asap

  3. hello friend for Deler ship first you need to accur Tin no from your state after that we can provided you dealership our e rikashaw price start from 46000 pls contact 8750350007

  4. We have the dealership for many makes of E rickshaw. Anybody require the dealership of E rickshaw in Haryana, UP and Delhi. Please contact me 7836836343


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