E-rickshaw in India


E-rickshaw in India

Electric tricycle is a new meaning of transportation in world. It is usually called E-rickshaw in India.

E-rickshaw is most popular with Indian, because its ECO friendly nature and save money for thier life and earn their livelihood easily.  Initially e-rickshaws were unregulated by any central law in India. With more and more E-rickshaws running on India road,there is a safe problem in transportation. So, that, after a long time consideration, the Indian Parliament passed an amendment to the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill, 2015 legalizing E-Rikshaws , In March 2015.


Why the E-rickshaw is so most popular with people? The answers you will find from the persons’ experiences.

Meena has never ridden even a bicycle in her life. But that did not stop her from getting into the drivers’ seat of an e-rickshaw 10 months ago to fend for her family. Now, she confidently ferries passengers around Tagore Garden.

Before the e-rickshaw came her way, Meena was working as a domestic help, struggling to make ends meet. With no husband to support her, Meena decided to buy an e-rickshaw to earn more. She bought one with the help of “aunties” in whose houses she used to work as a help. Now, she earns between Rs 500 and Rs 600 a day.

“I had three children to support. I saw e-rickshaws plying on the road and decided to purchase one 10 months ago. I took a loan from the “aunties” in whose houses I worked in as a help. My brother taught me how to operate the vehicle for a few weeks. Then, I started ferrying the “aunties” around for practice. Now I work from 7 am to 6 pm and have enough money to support my family,’’ Meena  says.

Apart from the basic lessons her brother gave her, Meena has had no formal training in driving any kind of vehicle. “The first week was tough. To drive on congested roads is difficult. So I now stick to a known route,” she says.( find from The Indian Express )

Everyone need earn money for their life.  Less cost and get more money to keep their life, this is the most important reason for people choose E-rickshaw to work.  Second,  it is easy to operate for people. Third, do not have any pollution–it is ECO friendly product. Forth, new design looking, could get more passengers’ attention. Fifth, you can get the E-rickshaws not like the normal rickshaw power from driver, E-rickshaw get power from battery, people will be not so tired like Meena said. Sixth, you can work during the day, and charging at night. Seventh, you can climb the hill easily.( 20 degree climbing ability)



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