New Designed Cheap Chinese 1200w Passenger E Rickshaw Manufacturer

2015 New Designed Cheap Chinese 1200w Passenger E Rickshaw ManufacturerTuck Tuck Three-Wheel Auto-Rickshaw

Passenger E Rickshaw Specification

Model Number QS-AO
Size 3000x1200x1950mm
Top Speed 35km/h
Full charge capacity 140km
Gradeability 20°
No. Of Passengers 6 persons
Charging Voltage 220v,50hz
Charging time 6-8 hours
Motor 60v/1200w DC Brushless motor
Transmission Mode Differential/shaft
Battery type Lead acid battery,12v,120ah,5pcs
Wheel Size Front 4.00-12,back 4.00-12
Brake Type Drum brake(hydraulic brake as preference)
Optional colour Silver,blue,water green,red,white,m green,yellow
Full container carrying capacity 17 units/20GP, 40 units/40HQ
  • New designed size

battery operated e rickshaw QS-AO size

  • 60v/1200w DC Brushless motor

60v1200w DC Brushless motor

  • 36 tube controller

36 tube controller

  • rear axel with leaf spring

rear axel with leaf spring

The request in driving

1.Accelerate slowly when you just start the vehicle, in case of the waste of electric in the fast start.当刚刚启动车时,要慢慢加速,以避免耗电量过大。
2.In the context of safety, you should drive in economic speed, and avoid from frequently brakes and starts, in order to save electricity.为了安全起见,您应该匀速骑行,避免频繁的刹闸和重新启动,同时也能节省电量。
3.Avoid from the phenomenon of turning inward the handle tightly still after the brake. In case of the overload of the motor and the damage of the other parts.在刹车之后,尽量放松车把,避免电机负担过重以及其他部件受到损坏。
4.maximum loading is 350kg (including the driver),please take care when overloading.最大的载重量是350kg(包括司机),所以注意不要超载

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