1200w Electric Powered Tuk-Tuk Utility Vehicles Rickshaw For Philippine


 Tuk-Tuk Utility Vehicles

Tuk-Tuk Utility Vehicle Specification

Model Number QS-AO
Size 3000x1200x1950mm
Top Speed 35km/h
Full charge capacity 140km
Gradeability 20°
No. Of Passengers 6 persons
Charging Voltage 220v,50hz
Charging time 6-8 hours
Motor 60v/1200w DC Brushless motor
Transmission Mode Differential/shaft
Battery type Lead acid battery,12v,120ah,5pcs
Wheel Size Front 4.00-12,back 4.00-12
Brake Type Drum brake(hydraulic brake as preference)
Optional colour Silver,blue,water green,red,white,m green,yellow
Full container carrying capacity 17 units/20GP, 40 units/40HQ

Philippine’s tuk-tuk market

The largest power company in the Philippines wants to put 100,000 electric tuk-tuk utility vehicles on the road by 2016 – which sounds like a big number, until you realize there are nearly 3.5 million tuk tuks on Philippine roads today and that 100,000 number represents less than 3% of the overall total. So, maybe doable?

In a bid to help reduce the country’s financial burden to transition away from the highly-polluting 2-strok engines in most tuk tuks,the Asia Development Bank has earmarked more than 220 million Euros to the project. The money will be spent installing quick-charging stations for the electric trikes in major cities, with the hope being that more tuk tuk buyers will opt for an electric vehicle, like the one shown here (seemingly endorsed by Manilla Electric), if they already know they’ll be able to charge it up reliably.

While the electric tuk tuk (in this form) may not be an ideal replacement for the motorized rickshaw taxi tuk tuks, an electric motor would make hauling heavy loads and making intermittent daily deliveries easier, cheaper, and cleaner for thousands of Philippine businesses. Here’s hoping that 220 million Euro check clears!

Qiangsheng grasps this opportunity and has exported to Philippine more than 20,000 pieces tuk-tuk by 2014

We started out as a Tuk Tuk rental company. So we know what Philippine market needs, and made our vehicles to support your business. This means we maximized turnover (space, passengers, autonomy, appeal) and minimized costs (low-maintenance & fuel cost). In fact, if your client drive 140 kilometers a day, the costs for electricity and lease will often be less than his monthly gasoline bill.That’s just the opportunity for us to cooperate together to occupy the Philippine market.

Qiangsheng Factory

  • area : 100,000 square meter
  • ten years experience in tuk-tuk manufacturer
  • 600 staffs
  • annual output 200,000 pieces

Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory

CE and CCC certificate

Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory certificate CE2

If you’d like ,welcom to join us and have a visit of our factory.
Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory
Add:Qianwang Industry Park, Xianghe County,Langfang city,Hebei,China

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