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2015 India CFMTTI Approved Rechargeable Battery E Rickshaw Frp Manufacturer

2015 India CFMTTI Approved Rechargeable Battery E Rickshaw Frp Manufacturer

2015 India CFMTTI Approved Rechargeable Battery E Rickshaw Frp Manufacturer

Specification for Rechargeable Battery E Rickshaw

Model E Rickshaw QS-D SaHa
Overal Size 2800*1000*1800mm
Top Speed 25km/h
Once Charging Mileage 100km
Grade Ability 20 degree
No. Of Passengers 6 persons
Charging Voltage 220v,50hz
Charging Times 6-8 hours
Motor 48v/800w DC brushless motor
Transmission Mode Differential
Battery 12v 100ah lead acid battery (4 pcs)
Wheel Size Front 3.00-12,back 3.50-12
Brake Type Double rear drum brake
Loading Quantity 22pcs/20” GP, 52pcx/40” HQ


All of our products are guaranteed and backed by our technical assistance and considerate service. Furthermore, we usually will send you a certain percentage of spare parts free of charge based on the order. During the guaranteed period, any of the parts could be replaced upon receipt of your photos for proof. We can also offer training service for your staff at our factory if needed.

1. Battery 12months quality guarantee for battery
2. Electric motor we provide as long as 24 months quality warranty
3. Frame/Charger/Controller 12 months quality warranty
4. Fork/The other electric parts 6 months quality warranty
5. spare parts supply free 5% easily damaged parts.

Maintenance and using method of the battery

  1. Away from high-temperature heat source远离高热源
  2. Charging temperature below 37 Degree Celsius充电时的温度应该低于37摄氏度.
  3. avoid charging under the sunshine.避免在阳光下充电
  4. Insist on charging with the charger of the original manufacturing of the company.坚持使用原厂家的电池充电
  5. Don’t make short circuit in the interface of the battery在电池接口处不能造成短路。
  6. Don’t put the battery in wet places or dip into water.不能把电池放在潮湿的环境中,更不能浸在水中。
  7. when charging ,put the vehicle indoor, and make sure the place is ventilated, easyfor cooling and away from the touch of children. and avoid in charging in   wet, hot, or places that has gas which are easy to burn or explode.充电时尽量在在通风,整洁,远离孩子的室内进行,远离潮湿,高温,以及易爆的环境。
  8. To maintain the batteries, please charge the batteries regularly, even if you don’t drive.为了维护电池的寿命,即使在不骑的情况下,也要经常充电。
  9. when the electrolyte surface is lower than the minimum line, you should add the distilled water above the fixed surface.当电池电解液低于规定 最低液面时,应该加入蒸馏至于最低液面之上。

(Attention: Don’t add any electrolyte that contains sulfuric acid in 6 months.)

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