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E rickshaw spare parts QS-A parts for electric rickshaw

Qiangsheng E rickshaw  spare parts  for passenger e rickshaw

E rickshaw new 1-3 passengers electric rickshaw tuk tuk

  • QS-A model  E rickshaw spare parts– front face
  • Car painting– strict painting process  we have
E rickshaw spare parts motor controller for electric rickshaw
E rickshaw spare parts– front face
  • QS-A model E rickhsaw spare parts — front headlights and decorate parts
  • all parts with the high quality 
E rickshaw spare parts QS-A parts for electric rickshaw
E rickshaw spare parts QS-A parts for electric rickshaw- decorate parts
  • QS-A model E rickshaw spare parts– Reverse mirror and headlights
  • different reverse mirror type as preference
E rickshaw spare parts QS-A parts for electric rickshaw
E rickshaw spare parts QS-A parts for electric rickshaw- reverse mirror
E rickshaw spare parts QS-A parts for electric rickshaw
E rickshaw spare parts QS-A parts for electric rickshaw- headlights
  • 400-12  wheel rim for sale
  • Other size rims as preference
E-Rickshaw Front Rim
E-Rickshaw Front Rim

Much more spare parts  are on sale 


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E rickshaw new 1-3 passengers electric rickshaw tuk tuk
E rickshaw new 1-3 passengers electric rickshaw tuk tuk



Raksha Electric Bajaj Suppliers From China

Raksha Electric Cycle Rickshaw


Raksha Electric Bajaj Specification

Model Number QS-AS3
Size 2550x1200x1950mm
Top Speed 40km/h
Full charge capacity 120km
Gradeability 20°
No. Of Passengers 3 persons
Charging Voltage 220v,50hz
Charging time 6-8 hours
Motor 48v/1000w DC Brushless motor
Transmission Mode Differential
Battery type Lead acid battery,12v,120ah,4pcs
Wheel Size Front 4.00-12,back 4.00-12
Brake Type Double rear drum brake
Optional colour Silver,blue,water green,red,white,m green,yellow
Full container carrying capacity 17 units/20GP, 40 units/40HQ

Auto Rickshaws or Tuk Tuks are a major mode of transportation in Sudan. They are locally called ‘Raksha’ but in Ethiopia ,Uganda and Tanzania they are called ‘Bajaj’ or ‘Bajaji’ after the  China company which manufactures them. This is one product available in Sudan which is solely imported from China. Qiangsheng Bajaj

In Sudan, everyone takes public transport around.  A year ago there were rickshaws without lights or registration numbers.  This year,we can stop one which can now be shared, taking 4 passengers and the driver.

To meet the opportunity, Qiangsheng has designed a new kind of electric bajaj for Sudan.

  • It is energy saving, you only need to charge 6-8 hours, and it can run 120km with the electricity
  • It is environment friendly, since it uses electricity ,free of air pollution
  • It is cheaper than motorcycle, since the cost of it from china is lower

Xianghe Qiang Sheng electric tricycle manufacturing factory is founded in 2006, located in Xianghe. This company grew out of Chengshunlida powder coatings Co.,ltd. It is a professional enterprise that specializing inelectric bajaj R & D, production, sales, trading and spare parts service. The factory covers an area of 42,000 square meters, . The company owns the most advanced production line and detection equipments, go with that, there are professional welding workshops, machining workshops, electrophoresis painting workshops and assembly workshops.

Due to the advantages of the logistic and internet, Qiangsheng has started its business in the international markets since 2000.Till April 2015,Qiangsheng has already build stable supply Chain in Asia, MiddleEast Asian, Africa, South America, Australia, Europe and India.

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Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory
Add:Qianwang Industry Park, Xianghe County,Langfang city,Hebei,China

Other product about  Raksha Electric Bajaj 

India market tricycle for passenger QS-D
 2015 newest tricycle  for cargo QS-E
Bangladesh market tricycle for passenger QS-AO


2015 energy saving battery operated e rickshaw QS-B

energy saving battery operated e rickshaw QS-BSpecification :

Model name: QS-B
Overall size : 2850*1040*1850mm
Top Speed (km/h) : 35km/h
Once Charging Mileage : 140km
Grade ability : 15 degree
No. Of Passengers : 6 persons
Charging Voltage : 220v ,50hz
Charging Time : 6-8 hours
Motor : 60v/1000w DC brushless motor
Transmission Mode : Differential / Shaft
Battery : 12v 120ah lead acid battery (5pcs)
Wheel Size : front 3.25-16

back 3.25-16

Brake type : double rear drum brake
Packing : CKD with fabric , plastic air bubble bag and paper box
Loading Quantity : 17pcs/20’GP ,


2015 energy saving battery operated e rickshaw QS-B FAQ:

1.Are your company a trading one or a factory?

Factory and trade (we have our own factory.)

2,Which payment terms are you accept?

T/T, L/C, or Cash.

3.What about the cooperation process?

Confirm details of order, 30% deposit, Arrange inventory, pay the balance, shipment.

  1. Packing: CKD with fabric , plastic air bubble bag and paper box
  2. Delivery time?

15-20 days after received buyers’ advance payment.

energy saving battery operated e rickshaw energy saving battery operated e rickshaw factoryenergy saving battery operated e rickshaw factory


An auto rickshaw, also known as a three-wheeler, samosa,tempo, tuk-tuk (in Thailand), trishaw , autorick , bajaj (in India), keke Napep or Maruwa(in Nigeria), rick, tricycle,mototaxi, baby taxi, lapa ortukxi (Piaggio Ape Calessino) in popular parlance, is a common form of public transportation in many countries around the world. It is usually a three-wheeled cabin cycle for private use, and as a vehicle for hire. The vehicle is a motorized version of the traditional pulled rickshaw or cycle rickshaw. Auto rickshaws are an essential form of urban transport in many developing countries, and a form of novelty transport in many developed countries.

More information about our battery operated e rickshaw :

6 passenger e rickshaw QS-AS6
Mini bus with one seater QS-F
Hot seller passenger e rickshaw QS-D NEW 

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E rickshaw motor for QS-A 


e rickshaw motor

E rickshaw motor for QS-A Specification :

Rated Power(W) 350 500 650 800 1000
Rated Voltage(VDC) 36/48 36/48/60 36/48/60 36/48/60 36/48/60
Rated Speed(RPM) 275 285 295 330 350
No load Speed(RPM) 310 310 320 350 377
Rated Torque(N.M) 12.1 16.7 21 23 28.5
Rated Current(A) ≤10.5/7 ≤17/14/10 ≤15.5/13 ≤17.5/15 ≤23/18
No load Current(A) ≤2.5/2 ≤5/4/3 ≤3/2.5 ≤3.6/3 ≤4/3.5
Efficiency ≥80% ≥80% ≥80% ≥80% ≥80%
Gear Ratio 9:1     22:1


 E rickshaw motor for QS-A  FAQ :

  1. Why are we trustworthy? Why should you choose us?

Motor is DT Brand water proof brushless motor, which is much more quiet than other brand motors. Controller is DT Brand; They are from the same manufacturer, so they can make full use of the performance.

Battery is CX Brand battery 12v 120ah, top class quality battery. We have warranty for 18 months(Life time: 500-600 cycles).

e rickshaw spares
e rickshaw spares

e rickshaw packing

Electric rickshaws (also known as Tuk Tuk, e-rickshaw ) have been becoming very popular in some cities as an alternative to auto rickshaws and pulled rickshaw because of their low fuel cost, and less human effort compared to pulled rickshaws. They are being widely accepted as an alternative to Petrol/Diesel/CNG auto rickshaws. They are 3 wheels pulled by an electric motor ranging from 650-1500  Watts. They are mostly manufactured in China, Qiangsheng is one of the largest supplier manufacturing Electrical & battery rickshaw in China.

More information about our e rickshaw :

Loader e rickshaw QS-E1.5
Hot seller passenger e rickshaw QS-D classic
6 passenger e rickshaw QS-AO

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