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2015 New Indian Battery Operated Electric E Rickshaw

 Battery Operated Electric E Rickshaw

 Indian Battery Operated Electric E Rickshaw Configuration

Model  QS-D New
Overal Size 2800*1000*1800mm
Top Speed 25km/h
Once Charging Mileage 100km
Grade Ability 20 degree
No. Of Passengers 6 persons
Charging Voltage 220v,50hz
Charging Times 6-8 hours
Motor 48v/800w DC brushless motor
Transmission Mode Differential
Battery 12v 100ah lead acid battery (4 pcs)
Wheel Size Front 3.00-12,back 3.50-12
Brake Type Double rear drum brake
Loading Quantity 22pcs/20” GP, 52pcx/40” HQ

It is 2015 Qiangsheng new designed with CCTV  Battery Operated Electric E Rickshaw patent

  • beautiful LED light
  • clear speedmeter
  • stable ABS roof
  • 48v double horn
  • charming turn singal lamp
  • rear wheel decorate cover
  • wind shield board with China famous state mill Shougang steel
  • china famous zhengxin tyre

tuk-tuks spare parts

If you are familiar with India, you may know the following things about  Battery Operated Electric E Rickshaw

  • e-rickshaw operators won’t have to wait a year to get a licence to drive their battery-operated vehicles. If e-rickshaw drivers pass the driving test, they will be issued learner’s licences. They will get general Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) licences, mandatory for driving transport vehicles, after 30 days.Till now, despite the limited speed and power of e-rickshaws, the operators were equated with drivers of commercial transport vehicles and had to wait for a year to get a LMV licence.
  • As e rickshaws are open-ended, they expose passengers to the high pollution levels in the middle of India’s roads and offer almost no protection in case of an accident. There is theoretically a ban on new tuk-tuks as they are so noisy and polluting, but it doesn’t really seem to be being enforced at present. Nevertheless, many of the local residents are not too enamoured with tuk-tuks nowadays and, were it not for their popularity with tourists, the days of the e rickshaw on the streets of India would surely be numbered.

That’s the reason why some detailers choose to import  Battery Operated Electric E Rickshaw from China to India

  • Our e rickshaw use electricity as the power which can reduce the air pollution other than motorcycle which use petrol
  • The e rickshaw using electricity is cheaper than those using petrol,and it only needs 6-8 hours to charge and can run 140km which is much convenient.
  • When the client sits in the tuk-tuk, they feel quiet other than petrol motorcycle’s noise and the air is also smells fresh

There are  so many dealers who have already founded good relationship with us, and for the past two years ,their tuk-tuks business is becoming stronger and stronger.We are occupying the Thailand step by step. Pls grasp the opportunity and we can provide you with the market strategy.

Our e rickshaw factory

Advanced production line and detection equipments, go with that, there are professional welding workshops, machining workshops, electrophoresis painting workshops and assembly workshops

  • covers an area of 82,000 square meters
  • 500 members
  • ten years in tuk-tuks taxi market
  • annual production up to 500,000 pieces
  • China’s famous brand Qiangsheng

Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory

If you’d like ,welcom to join us and have a visit of our factory.
Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory
Add:Qianwang Industry Park, Xianghe County,Langfang city,Hebei,China

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Enclosed Six Passengers Battery Operated Auto Rickshaw

Enclosed Battery Operated Auto Rickshaw


Enclosed Battery Operated Auto Rickshaw  Specification

Model Number Enclosed Battery Operated Auto Rickshaw
Size 3000x1200x1950mm
Top Speed 35km/h
Full charge capacity 140km
Gradeability 20°
No. Of Passengers six passengers
Charging Voltage 220v,50hz
Charging time 6-8 hours
Motor 60v/1200w DC Brushless motor
Transmission Mode Differential/shaft
Battery type Lead acid battery,12v,120ah,5pcs
Wheel Size Front 4.00-12,back 4.00-12
Brake Type Drum brake(hydraulic brake as preference)
Optional colour Silver,blue,water green,red,white,m green,yellow
Full container carrying capacity 17 units/20GP, 40 units/40HQ
  • It is enclosed with a curtain against wind and rain,and when you want to enjoy the sunshine,you can pull the curtain up.

Auto Rickshaw


  • It can fit six passengers with comfortable seat and the second row seats can be folded

six passengers

  • A fan towards the back seat can make your clients cool


Quality Inspection

The battery operated automobile factory inspection technology is used in detection of the auto rickshaw’s wheel weight, speed, light, performance of the controller and the signal. Destructive experiment is used for testing with the scale of 2% for the electric machinery, controller, bearing and tire.

rickshaw detecting


Sincerely look forward your comment
Qiangsheng Electric Tricycle Factory
Add:Qianwang Industry Park, Xianghe County,Langfang city,Hebei,China

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