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E rickshaw Introduction

E Rickshaw – Introduction


E Rickshaws are three wheel battery operated vehicles, which are considered as an upgrade to conventional rickshaws, and economically better than auto rickshaws and other fuel variants, these rickshaws, since are battery powered have zero emission, and is often argued to be much better than other rickshaws as they are considered almost

Battery operated three wheeler e rickshaw price list from china supplier

pollution free. E rickshaws are now fairly popular amongst Indian rickshaw drivers, bangladesh drivers ( and so on) and has created new opportunities for people, as they require minimum investment to earn a living. They offer huge returns in less time, and are easy to operate and has low maintenance and running cost. A lot of variants are available these days, most of them started as low price products and were imported from China. And nowadays, there is more and more high quality e rickshaw producer and with the competitive price from China, like Qiangsheng brand e rickshaw.  E rickshaws can provide a decent income since the battery charging cost is far lower than any other fuel, new material such as fibreglass has been introduced in them, since the material provides high strength, durability and lighter than metals.

e rickshaw factory

Xianghe Qiangsheng electric tricycle factory had  more than 10years producing experience. They  always product the quality products that  all parts be  producted from their factory. As a leader in the field,  Qiangsheng electric tricycle factory Owner do not  allow the low quality products be sold out . So, every  staff are very strictly when producing.

For the friendly leader, they are welcome all friends  who are inetrested in doing business together.

The factory address is :

Qianwang Industry Park, Xianghe County, Langfang City, Hebei Province, China

The factory loaction is closed to Beijing Capital International Air Port ,the Beijing Train Station or the LangFang Subway Train Station.

Welcome to visit Qinagsheng Electric Tricycle Factory.

Silver 7 passenger fashion 6v 1500w DC brushless differential transmission Pedicab
Silver 7 passenger fashion 6v 1500w DC brushless
differential transmission Pedicab



For 1500kg cargo e rickshaw QS-E1.8

For 1500kg cargo e rickshaw QS-E1.8

For 1500kg cargo e rickshaw QS-E1.8 specification :


Model name: QS-E1.8
Overall size : 3200*1200*1350mm(Tank length 1.2m&1.4m as preference )
Top Speed (km/h) : 40km/h
Once Charging Mileage : 140km
Grade ability : 20 degree
Rated load  : 1500kg
Charging Voltage : 220v ,50hz
Charging Time : 6-8 hours
Motor : 60v/1500w DC brushless motor
Transmission Mode : Differential(TWO LEVEL gear as preference )
Battery : 12v 120ah lead acid battery (5pcs)(120ah battery as preference )
Wheel Size : front 4.00-12back 4.00-12
Brake type : double rear drum brake
Packing : CKD with fabric , plastic air bubble bag and paper box
Loading Quantity : 18pcs/20’GP ,40pcs/40’HQ

For 1500kg cargo e rickshaw QS-E1.8 particularity of QS Electric tricycles.

  1. lead-acid battery
  2. Brushless motor, mini volume, low weight, high efficiency, low consumption
  3. Environmental, energy, beautiful, practical.
e rickshaw for indian
e rickshaw for indian



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