2015 IIP Approved India Green Battery Loader E Rickshaw Manufacturer

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IIP Improved India Green Battery Loader E Rickshaw Manufacturer Specification

]Model Battery Loader E Rickshaw QS-D SaHa
Overal Size 2800*1000*1800mm
Top Speed 25km/h
Once Charging Mileage 100km
Grade Ability 20 degree
No. Of Passengers 6 persons
Charging Voltage 220v,50hz
Charging Times 6-8 hours
Motor 48v/800w DC brushless motor
Transmission Mode Differential
Battery 12v 100ah lead acid battery (4 pcs)
Wheel Size Front 3.00-12,back 3.50-12
Brake Type Double rear drum brake
Loading Quantity 22pcs/20” GP, 52pcx/40” HQ

The most competitive new model QS-D electric tricycle for passengers made in China 2015 on sale

1.Whole vehicle data

  • speed:≤30km/h
  • mileage:100km

(Tested in common road conditions. The decrease of the mileage in improper operation or bad road condition or aging batteries is inevitable

  • climbing ability:20 degree
  • Power: 800W

(Note: for details ,please refer to the catalog of the vehicles)

2.motor technical data



48V motor 60V motor
Power 功率 500-1000W 1000W-1200W
Voltage电压 48V 60V
Current电流 10.4-20.8A 22-25A
Efficiency效率 ≥83% ≥83%

(The motors and the batteries are optional and the mileage can be increased according to the road conditions)

3.Controller Technical Data 



Over-current protection



4.Charger Technical Data

Motor 电机 48V-60V
Temperature温度 <37 Celsius degree
Input Voltage输入电压 AC220V 50HZ
Rated Voltage额定电压 48V-60V
Constant charging current 持续充电电流 2.0-20A±5%
Constant charging voltage 持续充电电压 >20%-30% battery voltage
Termination Current     终止电流 800MA
No-load voltage        空载电压 43.2-86.4V

e rickshaw motor



e rickshaw controller

2015 hot sale E-rickshaw spare parts Qiangsheng E-rickshaw


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  1. Hi vivian

    Please advise me the t’day price and delivery time in india and process how to import and your sale service. and minimum quantity to order.

  2. Hi viv, currently I am selling Chinese made rickshaws in India… I ‘m interested in your products as well. Would love to more about you and the procedure to move forward as a team.. Thanking you in anticipation.. Regards P.Jacob

  3. Hi vivian,
    I ‘m interested in your products as well. Would love to learn more about you’r product and the procedure to move forward… Thanking you in anticipation..

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